The first Bodega Bash is in the bag!

The concept was simple: bring some of the regular kayak surfing tribe together to celebrate the start of swell season. And at the same time offer clinics for those new to kayak surfing or looking to improve their surfing skills and technique.

Dillon Beach, at the southern end of Bodega Bay was venue chosen for its relatively protected beach, proximity of camping to the beach and friendly local surfers.

The swell was small for the majority of the weekend and a spring tide made for challenging conditions at high water but even so, everyone caught some waves. A mild mostly overcast day on Saturday proved to have the best conditions for the majority of us. But the kayak surfing tribe was treated to a rare warm sunny day on Sunday with a developing swell pounding the beach at high tide – intimidating for some, fun for others!

What was clear from this weekend is that the paddlesurf tribe is steadily growing and this was without doubt the largest gathering of kayak surfers outside of a competition. We were impressed with everyone’s willingness to express their passion for kayak surfing and share their knowledge and expertise with those new to the sport. A BIG thank you to Bill Vonnegut, Mat Hoff, John Bonaventure, Mike Kowalsky and Sean Morley for donating their time to teach the clinics and a HUGE thank you to Kelly Marie Henry, who not only taught all weekend, she also worked out all the logistics, hauling all the borrowed gear and Kaos sit-on-top kayaks donated by California Canoe & Kayak and answered the multitude of emails from participants. She also showed us how to shred the small waves!

Thanks also to Mark Boyd who once again gave up a weekend to hang out with his kayak surfing tribe and take amazing photos for us to enjoy.

Hopefully everyone had a good time and if the swell had just been a little bit bigger a little sooner it would have been epic. The hope is that this will become an annual event and we welcome feedback from those that participated or those that didn’t. What would you like to see included next year? Where? When?

Thanks to everyone who participated this year. We hope to see you again next year![/fusion_text][youtube id=”fuj9usRmup0″ width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””][/youtube]