Avoid this! Photo by Mark Boyd.

Avoid this! Photo by Mark Boyd.


1) Paddle-out 2) Take-off 3) Riding the face 4) Broach or side-­surf 5) Diagonal run 6) Mmm…


Lifejackets/PFD’s/Impact Vests

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The risk of being attacked by a shark whilst surfing is often given as a reason why paddlers don’t surf. The Shark Research Committee keeps a record of unprovoked shark attacks on kayakers.

The Global Shark Tracker mobile app allows you to see the recorded locations of sharks that have been fitted with tracking devices. Of course it doesn’t tell you where the sharks are that do not have tracking devices fitted!


Shark Camo decals have become popular in Central California but the science is questionable.

The reality is that statistically you are at far greater risk of injury or death on the drive to the beach than you are being hit by a shark in the surf.